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Our ProgramWe extend an invitation to you to become a member of the ambassador Kindergarten family by enrolling your child.
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Parents are children's primary educators and our most trusted partners. At AMBASSADOR KINDERGARTEN we believe that Parent Participation is of great importance to ease the child's transition out of the home and to reassure parents that their most valuable assets are blossoming in a secure, caring and professional environment.


Parent Involvement program includes:
Parents Induction Program
This program takes place in April every year before the start of the academic year. Parents are introduced to the AMBASSADOR KINDERGARTEN program and policies and practices of the kindergarten.

Daily Report
At the end of each kindergarten day our parents would get a daily report summarizing the activities in which their child participated.

Coffee Mornings
These shall be organized throughout the year by the Principal for the Parents of different class groups. At these meetings the principal shall interact with parents through discussions that will be mutually rewarding

Parent Teacher Meetings
These are formal meetings, which occur three times a year where parents parent's are informed about the child's progress.

Report Cards
These are reports that are sent three times a year that provide parents with a detailed view of the child's attainment in relation to the development goals.

My Ambassador School
Parents will also be given access to the kindergarten intranet website: Here they can monitor the child’s assignment, syllabus, and communicate with the Kindergarten Staff.

Open door policy for Parents
Parents are welcome to stop by at anytime to pay visit to the school and meet with the Kindergarten Teacher, Supervisor, Head or Principal to discuss any matters of relevance to the child's education.

Parent Workshops 
These workshops take place Saturday mornings to engage parents in participation in their children's education. Some of the workshops conducted are: Phonics; Montessori mornings; Child Learning and Development.

Facebook Page
Photographs and postings of AMBASSADOR KINDERGARTEN and education related matters provide an interactive dimension to communicate and network with parents and even grand-parents.

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