Play and Recreation Areas

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

What is now undeniably clear in the 21st century is that play is essential, vital, critical, and fundamental to a child’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development. Without adequate, healthy play, children run the risk of entering school unprepared, growing into teens and adults without needed skills, and failing to meet their potential. Experts believe that healthy play in childhood can even prevent violence.

Through joyful, healthy play, children begin a love of learning and prepare for life itself!!

Even though research has proven the value of play, play is at risk, making it more important than ever to support it for all children. Here’s how we promote healthy play at Ambassador Kindergarten:
Create safe play environments and toys; lobby for clean, safe outdoor play spaces Play and Recreationfor all children.

Focus on the learning that happens through play; use play as the means to teach and foster development.

Provide a wide variety of play experiences and materials through which young kids can try new things, experiment, ask questions, talk, read, sing, dance, get messy at times, explore, and listen.

Fuel creativity, curiosity, and the desire to know more.

Allow time for free play in which children are choosing and directing play, balanced with structured play.

Offer opportunities to play safely outdoors as well as indoors.
Play and RecreationWe have huge outdoor play spaces for children across the school. All the play areas have rubberized, soft flooring that ensures a firm grip to children while running; and at the same time, protect them from getting hurt if they fall. Children are involved with indoor play in the Rumpus Room. At Ambassador Kindergarten, children are exposed to various kinds of plays; like, role play, sensory play, outdoor play, dramatic play, block play, play dough, water play etc. All these plays have their own roles and importance in Early childhood. The school is fully equipped with resources for the same.

We have several shaded outdoor play and recreation areas designed for different age groups. The Foundation Stage classrooms, where play is an integral part of the curriculum, all open out onto large shaded outdoor areas filled with high quality play equipment and games for learning and fun.

There are other age-specific play areas, as well as shaded, landscaped seating areas where students can relax, socialize and eat.

Play and RecreationWhen children have this kind of support, the benefits include gaining confidence as well as self-esteem, building relationships, problem-solving, conflict resolution, expanding language, understanding rules and limits, discovering talents, sparking creativity, inspiring thinking, defining personality, and sorting out likes and dislikes. In fact, healthy, valuable play touches on every area of a child’s development.

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