Inclusive Education


“Inclusive Education is a pairing of philosophy and pedagogy with the aim of ensuring that no child, however different from expectations and general norms, feels alienated and inadequate”.

Ambassador Kindergarten believes in inclusion with a wide range of educational needs in children. Our vision is to provide the best resources to all children. We believe every child is dynamic and can actualize their potential with the appropriate intervention and support.

The school provides services to children with developmental delays, learning disabilities, speech and language, behavior-social-emotional development or any skill development where the child requires additional support.
Each child receives support in the form of Individual plans, counseling parents, guidance on external support for a child on various needs. Children receive proper guidance, effective teaching and Individual based differentiation teaching within the classroom.

The Special Educational Needs Department works closely with parents and teachers to provide effective educational support with the help of necessary modifications and accommodations to the academic curriculum. Appropriate training sessions provided for teachers as per their requirement pertaining to a particular child. Curriculum planning is done through an Individualized Education/Action Plan which covers all aspects of development: cognitive, physical, social-emotional-behavioral and communication and language. The SLT’s of the school, the Heads of School and all teachers are involved in and responsible for the successful Inclusion of students with special educational needs. 

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