Parent Communication

We have Orison ERP systems for effective communication between parents and school:

Orison ERP is a two-way communication system between the parents and the school management, where parents can send to and receive mails from the Principal, class teacher and other management personnel. The Orison ERP can also be installed as an App on the mobile devices via Apple Store for App devices and from Play Store for Android devices. After admission, parents will receive their User Id and password to access this system. It cannot be activated before the conclusion of all admission procedures.

Sharing of mobile numbers with parents by teachers is not allowed. Parents can call the school reception only after the academic hours i.e. 12.00 noon, if they wish to talk to the class teacher. Personal meeting with teachers is strictly after academic hours and on prior appointment only.

In addition to the above communicating systems, parents and teachers can utilize the student organizer to communicate with each other.

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