Children in the Early Years are expected to be physically active throughout the day and whilst play is essential, structured delivery has an important role to play too. It focuses on the development of key fundamental movement skills which takes children on an amazing movement journey. To provide safe playing environment, the school has the PE teacher that works diligently to provide as much opportunity as possible to all students. In addition, children are encouraged to develop their skills and knowledge of a particular activity while combining all the fun elements of taking part in sport eg. Water-play and sand-play is a part of our curriculum.

The school has a thriving co-curricular programme, including the activities like, splash pool, basketball, and trampoline. We also have a campus as lively and vibrant that encourages children to have enriched learning experiences through tunnels, slides, tyres, bikes. The infrastructure allures children to engage in more physical activities. Kindergarten 1 and 2 have annual sports day in the month of December. As Sports Day is held in December, it usually has a very festive feel, and is one of the most popular events in AKG. The sport games make the children develop sportsmanship and team building skills

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