The Arts

Ambassador Kindergarten is the ‘Atelier’ that enhances the creative development of children. It opens up windows to the new world of imagination and ingenuity.

Art in the form of Music, Dance and Yoga are the key features of life throughout the school, as part of the curriculum. In Kindergarten, Music and Dance play an important role and is a powerful learning and bonding tool, to complement and reinforce many lessons across the curriculum.

In the foundation stages, children grow and develop their interest in music and dance; and that can be a means of representing thoughts, ideas and experiences. It aids in co-ordination and muscle development. This offers children a chance to develop their creativity and self-expression. Music is a kind of pre-language that directly activates fundamental firing patterns in young children’s brains and does so much more effectively than spoken language. Children in AKG have regular sessions of music and dance.
In Kindergarten 1 and 2 children are encouraged to create their own rhythms using different resource materials. Children get many opportunities to present their talent repeatedly. For example, the Annual Day celebrations, the special assemblies, celebration of festivals etc.

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