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We extend an invitation to you to become a member of the AMBASSADOR KINDERGARTEN family by enrolling your child. We do expect that you will find the whole process of admission clear and seamless.


Who is eligible to apply?
Parents of children are welcome to apply for admission on their behalf provided they meet our very simple criteria for admission. The Kindergarten Program is of two years duration and children who are 3 years on or before15th May of the year of admission are eligible to be admitted to Kindergarten 1 and 4 years for Kindergarten 2.

Prior to admission being offered, there is an informal interaction with the child in order for the teachers to determine whether your child is prepared to enter the class.

Steps in the admission process:
Step 1: Filling in the Online Application Form
Please fill in the Online Admission Application form . Please ensure that all the fields are correctly filled in and that all information given is accurate.

Step 2: Scheduling of the Informal Interaction Session between the child and the teacher
In consultation with the admissions department, you will schedule an interaction session for your child with the teacher. The teacher will ensure that your child enjoys the interaction which takes place through playful activities. At this session the teacher will assess the whether your child is ready for the kindergarten class.

Step 3: Admissions Counseling and Enrollment
Following the interaction session, the Admissions Department will contact you with an offer of admission for your child. On receiving the offer, you may secure your child’s admission by paying the
registration fee and submitting the relevant documents. After this you will get regular updates from the school regarding preparations you need to make as well as information regarding the orientation program, which it is compulsory to attend

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